The Big Fortified Tasting 2023

I have to say this is one of my favourite tastings of the year.  It is very well organised and covers Sherry, Port, Madeira and Moscatel.  The overall quality was extremely high; however among my personal highlights were:

  • Ferreira “Dona Antonia” 20-year old Tawny Port
  • Taylors 20-year old Tawny
  • Fonseca Siroco Dry White Port
  • Kopke 10-year old White Port
  • Kopke 20-year old White
  • Ramos Pinto 10-year old Tawny
  • Quevedo Colheitas 2008 and 1976
  • Justinos Sercial Madeira 10 years old
  • Lustau Fino del Puerto Solera Familiar

I’m running a fortified tasting next month which is already fully booked so it looks hopeful that others share my enthusiasm for these excellent wines which are, in many cases, great value given their complexity.