Current Situation

With no tastings or events possible for the last few months the recent Wine of the Month recommendations have had to be taken from my own personal consumption.

The restrictions enforced on us in recent months have had a terrible impact on the hospitality industry and on everybody’s health, finances and quality of life. I know everybody will not agree with me on this, but with no cure in sight I believe we need to reluctantly accept that Covid exists and get on with our lives, putting it in the category of things that can cause illness along with colds, ‘flu, cancer, heart disease etc. Restrictions were fair enough for a while and we heard the phrase “when this is over ..” a lot, but we may have to accept that this won’t be over and give individuals the freedom of choice as to whether they wish to keep calm and carry on, accepting some risk as we do all the time in a free society, or live a very limited and joyless existence.