Wine Tasting

Wine tasting has a mixed image. Unfortunately may people associate it with pretentiousness and weird flavour descriptions.

Even a small amount of knowledge can enhance your enjoyment and let you identify what you should look for in the wines you buy.

Our aim is to introduce you to wines that you will enjoy but may not have tried before.

We talk to winemakers both in the UK and overseas, to importers and to local wine merchants with a view to finding new and interesting wines for you to try.

Wine Tasting at Home

Invite a few friends round and have a wine tasting at home.

We will agree a budget with you and obtain the wines on your behalf – we take no markup on the cost of the wine, anything left over you keep.

A tasting of six wines generally works well and we will agree a theme with you beforehand – the following are some suggestions:

  • Grapes you may not have tried before
  • What is it? (we provide tasting notes and you match them to the wines)
  • What’s it worth? (a light hearted tasting where your guests have to decide what they would pay for the wines)
  • Wine world cup (we pit wines from different countries against each other on a football, cricket or rugby theme)

We provide glasses so there is no washing up.

All we ask is to borrow your fridge for any white wines and that there is no smoking during the tasting.

If we succeed in introducing you to wines you enjoy we will provide details of where they can be obtained.